The Ultimate Inspiring Experience

The Ultimate Inspiring Experience

Life is truly full of unexpected twists, that is the beauty. Who would have ever imagined when I visited Stonehenge in July 2013 that I would have been there again in June 2018 with the same lovely person nearby me but with completely different circumstances?

I still remember the first impression I had when my boyfriend and I went to visit this magical place in 2013. Those massive stones were there, aligned perfectly, imposing on to us. I could feel the importance of such majestic architecture but didn’t get the whole mystical meaning about it. If you have ever been to Stonehenge you know that for security reasons, visitors are not allowed nearby the stones and there is a path around the the Stone Circle to follow. Do not get me wrong, you can still vividly experience the sublime space and energy around there but nothing compared to my ULTIMATE INSPIRING EXPERIENCE in Stonehenge.

I was so blessed to be chosen by Incredible India! with two other inspiring yoga teachers (Sarah Highfield and Lauren Atkins) to share our yoga passion and teaching during an incredible event on the 7th June 2018 as a precursor on the International Day of Yoga which falls every year on the 21st June.

Students and yoga teachers, among with journalists and India’s Deputy High Commissioner to the UK, Ambassador Mr. Dinesh Patnaik, gathered at 6:00 AM for an incredible sunrise yoga practice just in front of the breathtaking historic place - The Stonehenge Circle.

As you can imagine, to be there by that time we left London at 3:00 AM which meant a pretty early rise.

As soon as we approached the gathering point the sleepiness disappeared and the excitement started to rise as we realised we had access INSIDE the magical circle. I looked at my fiance’ in disbelief as security guards were holding the limiting access cord letting us stepping on the rarely touched soil included by the great stones. It was like someone opening the VIP gate, for VIP guests in the most exclusive place that you can think of.

At that point emotions were over the roof, I knew I had to teach and journalists were there so I wanted to keep my inner peace and concentration for the following yoga class, at the same time I wanted to walk around and discover every little corner of this beauty, (funny as we were in a stone circle).

We had time limit access to the awesome place so needed to assemble the thrilled students asap to start the yoga class. Quite interestingly, the buzzing emotions that we all felt completely calmed down as soon as we started to ground ourselves on the yoga mats at the beginning of the practice.

It is hard to describe the feelings in my mind and body while there. I had this sense of complete calmness and union with me, the people around me that joined this special time and the greatness of the Stones themselves. No noise around, just the sound of the nature and wind gently blowing, the voice of the yoga teachers and my voice. Rather than that, just great silence.

This has been the most amazing yoga experience of my life, so far. Imagine to have the privilege to ENTER the stone circle, to practice Surya Namaskar and other Asana just few feet away from this mysterious site and to be interviewed by BBC Asian Network journalists Emily Ford and Shabnam Mahmood.

Yes, you heard it, the BBC was there as well to catch on camera such a wonderful early morning filled with great vibrations and energy and to understand more about yoga and India, the birthplace of yoga.

With great excitement few days later a student of mine texted me saying that my teaching and words about the great experience were broadcasted on BBCNews website making what was already an unforgettable morning an even special adventure.

As much as I would love to go back there and take you all with me, practising at Stonehenge it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but, hey, don’t worry, you can still experience the yogavibes with me. At the end of August during the bank holiday weekend I will be in the sunny and colourful Granada, Spain. There is still time to book your place for this memorable yoga retreat, but hurry! Last few spaces available.

See you in Spain,