2016 Yearend review - Such an eventful year!

2016 Yearend review - Such an eventful year!

December has already arrived with it its festive season and I truly love this time of the year: the chilly air with the excuse to gulp down a creamy hot chocolate with marshmallows, the Christmas fairs with their stunning Christmas lights and the mulled wine aroma in the air, the moment when you loved ones open their gifts and their eyes lighten up, Christmas Eve and Christmas day with the promise of a happy family time.. I could carry on listing my favourite instants on a whole page, I have many cheerful memories related to December.


However, this is not what I would like to share with you in this month’s post. December is also known as the last of the 12 gorgeous months that form a long year, ironically not so long as it passes by very quickly. December is also time for consolidating the year that has just flown by, highlighting achievements and defeats, weighing the past months and learning from victories and mistakes.


I believe into letting go of the time that has gone by and don’t get attached to past discussions, frustrations or even joyful memories as these will just consume our present without even noticing the moments that are in front of us. Yet, a little self-study in what has been and what we have done can help us seeing our flows and grow stronger, emphasises steps that we have already taken to achieve a greater dream recognising that the way is not so long as we though at the beginning. Also, I love a little of nostalgia for pleasant memoirs as it underlines how lucky I feel and how grateful I am for the life that I am living and the people around me.


2016 has been an intense year, so many things have changed, starting with a new job in February, I have managed to travel a bit more than in the past few years discovering stunning places and tasting delicious local meals and more importantly I have started to meditate, to seriously DO yoga, the way it is supposed to be done and this has given me so much joy and lightness.


As I mentioned in previous posts, I started practicing yoga few years ago, but only since the beginning of this year I have been taking my practice more seriously, giving it the required time to let me better understand my body and mind. Through 2016 I have been reading more books about yoga and meditation making compromises between my favourite thriller novels and more demanding yogic text. Also, as a completion of this deeper yoga knowledge that I wanted to gain, I joined a 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training with Inspira Yoga.


2016 has been such a transformation for me, I can barely recognise my 2015 self. Last year this time, I was dreaming of a successful career as an office manager or super organised Executive Assistant, working for the elite of the corporate environment, I wanted to move elsewhere, anywhere because I could not find my place here in London and I kept looking forward to the next booked holiday passing the time in between fantasising about another place, another time and another me.


Don’t get me wrong, 2015 brought some new adventures and skillsets as well (I have learned a bit of German, met new people and expanded my cooking expertise) but through 2016 my mindset has completely blossomed and now, December 2016, I am grateful for what life has offered me so far, the people that I have met, and the knowledge that others had shared with me.


My attitude towards life has changed, I am no longer anxious about what the future is holding for me (see related article), I am able to fully live in the present and enjoy every moment of it. Not only this, but also my vision for the future has become bigger and wider, and even though I don’t plan everything and I don’t daydream about it, deep inside I know that things will be fine, and one way or the other the universe will reveal its plans.


Throughout 2016 I have realised that the most important thing that we could ever learn is to be content. Content with what we have, not with what we could become. The difference is subtle and substantial at the same time. We should be able to be content with the time and the resources that we have, use them wisely, work hard and we will be able to reach the ultimate goal. It is important not to be content with what we could be. It is crucial to have ambition and determination to grow, learn and improve. This has recently become my new mantra as whenever a problem approaches, I repeated in my head these words: “do what you can with what you have”. As long as I am doing everything I can, the rest will be fine.


Since I have started to renovate my mindset, making it more optimistic and open, I have been noticing little encouraging things happening along the way, karma perhaps? I have been experiencing more positive atmosphere around me, more smiles along the way and less anxiety to solve everything immediately.


The journey has not been easy and it will never be, sometimes I still stumble on my worries or the fear that I will not be enough, or that a problem will never be solved, but after recomposing my thoughts and reminding myself of what I have achieved so far, how my dreams are becoming reality, how life has gained thousands of colours, I know that issues will untangle themselves, and that step by step, goals will be reached.


This year has been a true revelation and I believe that yoga and meditation had been the keys to this renovation of my body, my mind and soul. I can really feel it, in my actions, in my speech and in my thoughts. They are lighter, calmer and especially when I talk about yoga and its meaning and reflect on it, I feel like the words are coming out themselves, much clearer than I could ever think of.


This is one of the reasons why I decided to start my Yoga Teacher Training: expand my knowledge and help others find the balance that I feel inside. One day I would like to be able to share with others what yoga has done to me, I would like to donate to others the joy and light that yoga brings to me. I cannot say with certainty that this is my journey and teaching yoga classes will be my ultimate goal, maybe the universe has other surprises for me along the way, which is fine, I love surprises.


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