Om Yoga Show 2016 – A bustling day with a silver lining

Om Yoga Show - A busling day with a silver lining

Last weekend I went at the Om Yoga Show 2016 in London. It was my first time there and I was not too sure what to expect. Before going, I googled the event, searched for info everywhere and prepared a plan with activities I wanted to attend throughout the day. There was a lot going on and I preferred to be prepared so that I would have not been inundate by the massive amount of free yoga classes, meditation practices and interesting stands to look at.

I had a one day entry ticket and my plan was to take advantage of the day and participate in yoga classes, listen to lectures and wander around the stalls searching for amazing bargains (or at least I hoped for those).

Turned out that I got overwhelmed and frustrated. It was too much to take in in one go and I had to reshape my busy schedule, to at least include time for lunch and few breaks to recharge my batteries and reconnect my mind.

I believe that things happen for a reason and I am so glad that I skipped an aerial yoga taster class, even though I was very eager to try, to listen to Neil Seligman lecture “How to sustain a mindfulness practice”. Neil is the Founder of the Conscious Professional, which promotes mindful education in professional and fast paced working environments, and the author of 100 Mindfulness Meditation, a collection of inspiring meditation techniques.

He shared some practical and important steps with us, that came from his personal experience on how to maintain our mindfulness practice steady and strong throughout our frenetic life. I found his talk very helpful and I much appreciated the final 10 practical minutes of guided meditation. Taking a few calm breaths in and out was a therapeutic reminder that I needed to slow down, be present and mindfully enjoy this very special day.

With a quieter and calmer me, I started to meander around the numerous stands looking for peculiar items. Not sure what I was after, I just let the flowing atmosphere guide me. I was passing by a handmade skincare stall and, even though I was aiming for a further beauty products booth, my gaze turned and met the colourful and appealing products displayed by Aura Organics Cosmetics. Very well done visual marketing, it caught my eye just in time.

The girls I talked to, Nicky and Sophie, were very enthusiastic to explain the details of every single cleanser, body butter and face mask that their friend Danielle Andrean meticulously handmade prepared. I was so intrigued by the passion and the trust they were showing towards Danielle, not considering the 100% natural and organic ingredients used to create the aromatic products so that I had to buy something and proudly take it home with me. At the time of writing this article, I have not had the luxury of trying my latest skincare routine, but I intend to shortly.

Once my shopping desire was satisfied (I also went to buy a few necessary yoga props which I will not bore you with details), I went to say hello to Sarah Drai, one of the experienced yoga teachers that you can find on the newly launched Yogi2me app, which offers the possibility to find and book quality and certified yoga teachers at a convenient time and location for the user. Their motto is: “fit yoga to your schedule” and I believe that is a fantastic idea.

London offers many yoga studio, styles and classes, but sometimes is difficult to attend to a specific practice because of time or location issues. With Yogi2me there are no procrastinating excuses and everybody, from beginners to experts can give their yoga practice an extra boost.

Time was passing very quickly and my body started to crave a nice hot tea. For your information, I love herbal tea, calming, rejuvenating or digestive does not matter, I tend to savour one depending on the mood I am on, and even though I have an alarming quantity of various tea herbs and tea bags at home, I keep buying new flavours and combination.

Back to our Om Yoga Show day, in that moment I spotted the unique Pavillion Health stand. It was simply presented, with a selection of Ayurvedic herbal teas and oils displayed in a specific order and an information stand with a short description of the three Doshas which we can find inside of us.

Ayurvedic science and medicine believes that all the 5 elements existing in the universe (earth, water, fire, air and space) are contained in varies degrees creating a balance inside of us. According to the predominant element or elements, we will have 3 different constitutions or Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

I have always been fascinated by the argument so I let Dr. Milind Jani explain to me more about their vision and the history of Pavilion Health which have been carefully selecting and mixing the best Indian organic or wildcrafted herbs since 1987 to create an exclusive blend of savours and aromas able to enhance and rebalance our natural Dosha. I was impressed by the dedication that transpired by Dr. Milind Jani’s words and that made me wander on a personal level if I would be able to transmit such enthusiasm into my future yoga classes (follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more updates).

Before heading home, it was time for my last yoga class which was more an introduction into a yoga practice designed to help and improve the lives of those presenting ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) symptoms. The class was led by Nicole Zimbler, Head Trainer and Founder of Yo’tism. I did not even know that such a Yoga method existed, until I checked the Om Yoga Show program.

I found the experience very calming and relaxing with easy instructions to follow and no pressure of achieving any specific asana (yoga pose). It was an open-hearted practice, able to give space to easily connect inwardly and at a certain point I realised that I was peacefully smiling. I guess that I particularly enjoyed it; maybe it was the time of the day, maybe my energy was reaching a lower level, but this was exactly what I needed to beautifully conclude a very hectic day.

Despite the overwhelming feeling that I initially had, I truly enjoyed the day and the discoveries made, plus I slept like a baby once I was showered and had dinner.

Not to mention that in my opinion the ticket price was totally worth it: £10.00 for a whole day packed with activities, lectures, yoga and meditation. Just keep in mind that a mindful attitude is necessary to survive throughout the day without getting a strong headache.

Looking forward to visiting Om Yoga Show 2017.